When considering some of the world’s most intensive occupations, it’s impossible to neglect teaching. Every teacher must approach their class with the patience, commitment, and care necessary to foster a learning environment. What’s more, as they are their own person as well, teachers must also keep up with their responsibilities, hobbies, and interests. Unfortunately, few teachers are able to do so as there are some limitations on both their time and resources available to them. Couple this with the typical stressful school atmosphere and it becomes clear that many teachers will be operating in an emotionally taxing environment on a daily basis. Which lays credence to the nearly 40% of teachers reporting high levels of stress day by day during the school year. This has begun sparking discussions nationwide regarding teacher and the change necessary to continue aiding and protecting all of the teachers that continue to mold society’s next generation. To learn more about how schools can better prioritize educator health and information regarding self-care strategies for teachers, check out the accompanying infographic.

Teacher Self-Care 101

Teacher Self-Care 101, provided by Curriculum Associates; an organization offering educational materials designed for the k-5 reading programs level.